The perennial issue

Each year tens of millions of dollars is spent by brands and retailers trying to reach their target audiences. In order to facilitate this, most people’s online activities and habits are unknowingly tracked, monitored and analyzed. Substantial fees are then paid for a variety of consumer actions such as referrals, clicks and ad views. And while a multi-billion dollar online economy has been built around these practices, the entire system remains wholly inefficient and fraught with privacy issues. The public, as well as the government, are becoming more aware of this every day are ready for an alternative.

A unique solution - the commerce network

Individual Digital has approached this problem head on by creating a platform that creates connections between consumers and the brands and products they want and need. By using a consumer’s own buying preferences and purchase intent, the platform creates tremendous efficiencies for both the consumer and the brands that are trying to reach them. These efficiencies result in increased savings and even cash back on the products and services consumers want. This is all done in an environment that completely respects the privacy of the consumer

The platform

In much the same way as a social network, our platform connects consumers with brands, retailers, products and even other users through a simple, self-controlled feed we call “The Stream”. The user determines stream content based on general and in-market preference data. All gathered data is kept secure and may be viewed and deleted by the user at any time.

A solution for organizations

To create even greater benefits to the consumer, Individual Digital works with large organizations to harness the collective buying power of their member bases to benefit and empower the individual. By combining the value of an individual consumer’s buying preferences along with the sheer number of members in a large organization, Individual Digital is able to deliver tremendous savings and even cash back to the individual consumer. In addition, the organizations benefit by receiving a portion of all revenues created by the system. Our platform is a win for consumers, a win for brands and a win for large organization with whom we partner.