Cecil Lerer

Cecil is CEO & Managing Partner of Agency Strategies ("ASI") a niche management consulting firm, working with global advertising agency groups, media companies and other marcom organizations. Prior to ASI, Cecil was the Executive Director, Global Business Applications for the Interpublic Group of Companies, a global marketing and communications organization with over 43,000 employees and offices in more than 100 countries. He managed a global IT and business team that worked across IPG operating companies in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Cecil's mandate included oversight of strategy, development (local and off-shore), marketing and deployment of the company's internal and outsourced business applications including ERP Systems, Media & Business Intelligence. Cecil led the expansion of business solutions across operating units in the top 30 global markets. During his tenure, the corporate user base (IPG's internal market economy) grew by almost 1000% - from 1,400 to over 15,000. He retains a keen interest in the global media business and through ASI is currently implementing a strategy to support agencies in the digital marketplace. Cecil, resides in New York City, holds a CA (Chartered Accountant) degree and Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) in IT from the University of Cape Town.

David Evans

David is an economist, business advisor and a recognized global authority on the design and implementation of complex business strategies and business models. With more than 25 years of experience helping companies worldwide design business strategies to overcome the "chicken and egg" problem of getting multiple customer groups on board the same platform at the same time. David and his long-time collaborator, Richard Schmalensee of MIT Sloan School of Management, are among the early pioneers in the research of "multi-sided markets" and the economic principles that inform the unique design of business models, pricing and incentive structures, and product design for these platform-based businesses. These insights and the proprietary framework that David developed for multi-sided businesses are the underpinning of his latest book Catalyst Code: The Strategies Behind the World's Most Dynamic Companies (Harvard Business School Press, May 2007). He has written more than 80 academic papers, articles and op-eds related to this topic.

Karen Webster

Karen Webster is the President of Market Platform Dynamics. She serves as an advisor and member of the board for a number of companies operating in the payment, technology and digital media industries. Karen was a key contributor to Catalyst Code: The Strategies Behind the World's Most Dynamic Companies, Harvard Business School Press, 2007 (by MPD's David Evans and Richard Schmalensee) and is credited with directing the research for the book and devising its trademarked 6-step Framework. Karen formerly served as the Managing Director of Global Marketing and Planning for PricewaterhouseCoopers' Management Consulting Services practice. Karen launched her own B2B strategic marketing consultancy which later combined with MPD. Karen also served as an adjunct faculty member at her alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

Market Platform Dynamics

MPD was founded by David Evans (see below) and Richard Schmalensee the Dean, Emeritus, of MIT's Sloan School of Management. MPD is a management consulting firm that ignites catalyst businesses by leveraging new technologies, business models and pricing strategies. MPD has a wealth of experience within industries that are characterized by complex ecosystems, including payments, mobile/telecoms, digital and advertising supported media, and software-based businesses. In addition to traditional consulting-based services, MPD's Catalyst Ventures provides intellectual and human capital to new firms. MPD's experts include economists, econometricians, product development specialists, and strategic marketers who apply cutting-edge business theory and statistical methods to the practical problems of building and growing a profitable catalystbusiness. MPD is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, and has offices in London, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Philip Geier

Mr Geier is the retired CEO and Chairman Emeritus of The Interpublic Group of Companies, one of the world's largest advertising holding companies. Over the 20 years under Geier's leadership, Interpublic grew from revenues of $500M and 8,000 employees to a truly global enterprise with 650 offices in 127 countries, with revenues of $5.6B and 50,000 employees. After retiring from IPG, Phil formed The Geier Group which provides consulting/advisory services in the marketing, communications, and venture capitalism areas. Additionally, Mr. Geier is a Senior Advisor for Lazard Fréres & Co., LLC and serves on the Board of Directors for the following companies: AEA Investors Inc., Fiduciary Trust International, Mettler-Toledo International Inc. and retired from the ones at Alcon Labs Inc. and Foot Locker Inc.

Laura DiLorenzo

With twenty years experience in entertainment marketing Laura was an early adviser to ID and remains a part of the advisory committee today. Representing major cultural institutions, Laura advises ID on audience engagement, activation and communications. Her career includes overseeing advertising, marketing and communications for Lincoln Center, American Express and several concert, sports and performing arts institutions across the country. She is currently Director of Marketing and Communications for Second Stage Theatre in New York City, overseeing two off-Broadway and one Broadway theatre.

The Geier Group

The Geier Group is a specialized consulting resource, devoted to providing marketing insights and perspective to improve a company's performance or to augment a potential investor's valuation assessment.